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Jennie Kwon

Champagne Diamond Magic Eye

Champagne Diamond Magic Eye

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Come visit our Portland, Oregon showroom, where our Sales Associates are ready to provide you with a personalized shopping experience designed to meet your specific needs.

This necklace encapsulates the essence of what makes Jennie Kwon Designs exceptional. It captures the delicate beauty and individuality that our brand is known for, creating a piece that is both unique and timeless. The small yet significant presence of this necklace makes it super special, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Embrace the enchanting elegance of this remarkable necklace, as it becomes a cherished piece in your collection. Its classic design ensures it will remain a beloved and versatile accessory for years to come. Let this necklace be a symbol of the extraordinary beauty found in even the smallest of treasures, as it illuminates your style with its timeless charm.


3.5 mm champagne diamond solitaire

16" chain and 14K yellow gold with milgrain detail

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