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Robin Haley

Halley's Comet Artifact Necklace

Halley's Comet Artifact Necklace

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"You have a streak of beauty about you that is unlike any other being. It represents the greatness of your heart. Let it shine...and fill the sky."

Turkey – 87 BC

Halley's Comet was discovered over 1,000 years ago. It's famous because it was the first comet to show watchers of the night sky that comets can circle back around our planet and become visible not once, but many, many times over. Shine like the beauty of a comet that graces the sky with this piece of fine golden jewelry. It is the perfect piece to wear everyday as a recurring symbol of beauty. 


All 14K Gold Pendant and 18'' Chain with Diamond Bail 
Pendant 3/8" Diameter With One Additional Diamond

Total Carat Weight: .03 

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